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When the foreigner who cannot speak Thai tries to contract alone, it might meet painful eyes also in "Company establishment in Thailand" though it described. Requesting it to the broker who can still trust it is safer. No one knows the person who failed requesting it to the person and the corruption trader who contracts to the owner because it is not by himself and failed though pays and cooks the commission to the broker. There is a person who follows a procedure of course alone and said well, too. However, it passes alone ..there are a lot of risks... The failure doesn't mean the thing only on the money side of the rent etc.It is necessary to investigate the level of control concerning the building of Thailand besides the money side because it is low. The apartment house doesn't have the crime prevention system though a fire broke out in the apartment house in Pathaya before, and large damage and the accident of having become it might be symbolical. Moreover, there is originally an owner who doesn't bear what (trouble etc. of the water leak by superannuation and the drain of the rest room) the owner should bear either.

I wonder whether it is a place within the range where it is possible to walk to the station of BTS (elevated railway) and MRT (subway) then which hit is a recommended place. As for the taxi, because congestion is awful, the market price of the rent of cannot use is high though Sherom and Scmbit might certainly be convenient.
I am sure to want to save even a little though it is a lot ..below the half of Europe and America.. even if it is high until the company is ..orbit.. on a roll. It became convenient for it the access to a place left a little from the center part by the spread of MRT recently, too. The surrounding of the station of MRT left from the center part might be recommended first.


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