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Reality of establishment in Thailand

The thing that the Europe and America people establishes in Thailand is not unusual. As a lot of types of business that are, it might be a restaurant and be clubs, etc.However, all members are not concluding successfully. The wall for the Europe and America people is a commercial practice. The Europe and America people owner oneself should wear the commercial practice to the body. Feeling the culture of Thailand with the skin because the procedure of the company establishment doesn't start at once but it long term stays once in Thailand might lead to the success in the future if establishment is determined. The business is "More haste, less speed. "There are a lot of advantages because of the Europe and America people it. It is ..feeling.. . if going to Thailand as for inconvenient. 「It is not possible to do why in Thailand not is though it is ** in case of Europe and America.. ..(... )」と。The business opportunity there. Because Europe and America is advancing more technically than Thailand, the business opportunity is sure to be found abundantly for the Europe and America people. Moreover, it is not bad to start the business of the Europe and America features hand in Thailand either. For instance, golf. There are a lot of foreigners who come to go sightseeing in Thailand for golf and the night life. There must be a business opportunity in that if it stays in Thailand and "One is in Europe and America, and in Thailand without" is enumerated. The success rate is sure to rise if it thinks about establishment in Thailand from such a viewpoint though the restaurant and the club are also good.
Moreover, the good policy or more putting regions other than Bangkok on view. Thailand is wide. There are a lot of regions with the business opportunity such as Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Phuket, and Samui.


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