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Needing it to conclude successfully in Thailand is a consulting firm. It is a powerful ally in the foreigner who is not well informed of the law and the custom of Thailand. However, it is necessary to put a lot of corruption traders on the mind, too. The thing to choose the consulting firm that can trust it is not an exaggeration to say one factor that it is not allowed to lack in the success. There are some companies that can be trust it to which I am indebted, too and it dares not to introduce it here. Because the company that should choose by the purpose is different, and it is thought that the business can be freely developed because the thing judged by thinking independently in Thailand is important. Only the hint when selecting it referring is described.

Experience story

If it is not a story of the experience because of use by the same kind of business as the business that I want to do, the consulting firm is not significant because there are "Strong part (type of business)" and "Weak part (type of business)". If work doesn't go well very even if the consultant is kind, it is not significant.

Skillful in the field

It has the field in which each consulting firm is skillful. Major company's charge is still high though there might be a specialist in any field if it is a major company. It might be a key to find the consultant who suits himself/herself though it is small-scale.

Anyway, it visits many times and it confirms it by my eyes. Because a conscientious company is consulting free of charge, you should visit it even times how many. Moreover, if only the law firm says, the foreigner cannot do the law practice in Thailand. Therefore, when it is a foreigner and the title is a lawyer, it is necessary to note it. In addition, when the advertisement is stricken though it is a law firm because the law firm is regulations not advertised, it is necessary to note it. However, all such offices are not necessarily the corruption traders. It is useful for me on the inside. After all, it can do nothing but confirm it by my eyes.

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