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It differs quite by "Do you live like the Thai?" and "Is the life of the Japanese carried out?". Food, clothing, and housing goes up surprisingly cheaply if life near the Thai is done. However, if it cannot be done, it becomes extent that ends as some are cheaper as life in Europe and America. It is difficult, and living like the Thai in all doesn't have the necessity either.


It goes up cheaplyer than being in Europe and America because Thailand is a hot country. Clothes matched at a in a word cold season need not be bought.


Not only the restaurant of the foreigner aim but also it is occasionally enclosed by the Thai and it eats. It is quite unquestionable if becoming accustomed. Shoc things in the seeing furnace are delicious, and exist at the chance that can happily become a Thai in local.

It goes up cheaply if it is a place that was able to become it from the center part a little. F-favor flight to which MRT spreads.

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