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Rich people

The disparity in wealth is violent in Thailand. Affluent class's position is also high though any country might be the same. Especially, the tendency is strong in Thailand. Do not antagonize rich people (Even if the other party has times of the fall, the police protect the other party, and are the same also in the trial).

The police

The local police in Thailand power strongly has the territory in various places. According to circumstances, there is a policeman who is playing bodyguard's role, too. Never disobey the policeman. Apply it to the ally.

Principle of the freedom of contract

One of the advantages in which the business is done in Thailand must be "Freedom. "It is necessary to think about the case to see it from another angle. In a word, "Principle of the freedom of contract" is carried out in Thailand. Therefore, a target law to relieve the weak is scarce.

Returned goods
You should think that it cannot return goods. It might be possible if it is a supplier with a long association, and even if the bought commodity is defective goods, returned goods might be difficult when it is not so.

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