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Sponsors are seven people or more. Foreigner's sponsor must make it within three people. The expense ratio of foreigners is limited to 49% or less in Thailand. It is unquestionable if it is Condominium, and assumed the expense ratio of foreigners to be 40% or less more severely for other (land etc.) real estates. (If it is Condominium, the foreigner can be bought even if it is single. )


It commonsensibly decides it according to what business you do because there are neither strict regulations nor a limitation for the capital. In general, it is at first start-up in the little capital, and increases establishment afterwards.

Par value stock

There is no regulations.

It is necessary to decide the person who takes the responsibility for one person or more and the company management. Some time of the procedure can be saved by making the Thai a director when the company establishment recording is applied though it is possible even by one foreigner.

Document to need foreigner
A necessary document for the foreigner is not cared about only by the passport and the copy.

Cost that hangs to establishment
100,000 bahts from 40,000 bahts though it is not possible to say indiscriminately because it
depends on various factors like the purpose etc. of the scale of the business and the company.

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