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Apartment and Condominium
As for Condominium, because the owner is different in each room, the condition
is different.

>It is cheaper than the service apartment.

>A monthly contract is necessary (..one year.. contract) ..a lot... Therefore, a long-term contract has the risk at time when it doesn't understand how to be going to become it hereafter.
>Guarantee money is necessary. For generally two months.
>The payment of the utility bill is troublesome.

Service apartment
There are several-time cleanings on the week, and the dish apparatus, tableware,
and the kitchen equipment are equipped.

>Because a restaurant, a fitness room, and the pool, etc. are included in the pavilion according to the place, it is convenient though is a hotel.
>You can not do a troublesome contract.
>There is no time of payment because the utility bill is included in the charge.
>Because the cleaning and the sheet are exchanged several times on the week, it is very convenient.
>It is unnecessary though guarantee money is necessary. Unnecessary is convenient.
>When it doesn't see ahead, it is convenient because the contract contract every day, contract every week, and one every month can be chosen. When it contracts first every day, and it comes into view ahead, it only has to contract every one month because the degree charge becomes cheap for a long term.。

>It is higher than the apartment.



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