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It is needed to employ the Thai when establishing it in Thailand. Will it be a point of the negligent amount of shaking it though can be cheap surprisingly if it thinks the Europe and America people is employed?However, it is not said it is negligent because it is Thai. It seems that everybody still judges from the place where the salary says in some measure and it works. As for the Thai, moving to the office that evaluates my ability high (It gives a lot of salaries) seems to be natural. As the employer, the ability is properly judged and the salary is given. Stinginess might retire from the salary in a competent person just a little when putting it away.

Thai average salary
A Thai average salary is as follows for the reference. However, to the last at the reference level because it differs depending on the company, the ability, and the length of service, etc.

Waiter: 4,000 bahts
Driver: 6,500 bahts
General affairs: 7,500 bahts
Accounting: 11,000 bahts
Interpreter: 18,000 bahts
Programmer: 21,000 bahts

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