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Permission book visa needed when foreigner enters a country and stays. When it enters Thailand to establish company, necessary visa might be " Tourist " or " Non Immigrant " though there are many kinds of visas

Tourist Visa

To stay by sightseeing, visa as its name suggests. It is possible to enter a country in Thailand even if not getting a visa though it depends on the country. However, the length-of-stay in that case is short on the 30th. If the visa is taken, the 60th and the 30th the extend are possible. In a word, it will be possible to stay for 90 days. All processes from application to acquisition can be easily done alone if going to Royal Thai Embassy in each country.

Non Immigrant Visa
Visa for business purpose. You might request a special trader to think about time though the document needed when applying can be a lot of, and it applies and it acquire it even by oneself.

When going to Thailand for the preliminary poll and the final decision before the company is established, it will enter a country by "Tourist". It is difficult and the necessity doesn't exist when thinking about a document necessary for applying for " Non Immigrant " either.

Work parmitt
The work par mitt is a labor permit that a Thai government issues. There is a relation though the visa and the work par mitt are different things. Because the acquisition of the work par mitt difficultly acquired " Non Immigrant " visa, the work par mitt can not be necessarily acquired.

It is not easy for the foreigner to work in Thailand as shown in the above-mentioned. However, it is a reality that a lot of foreigners who are starting work in "Tourist" visa exist, too. The visa and the work par mitt are unnecessary as long as it is not large-scale dealings in which it takes notice of the major company. However, it must be illegal to the last in this case. In the foreigner who establishes the company in Thailand, it starts work lawfully in Thailand and there is a person of the main purpose that is a long-term stay-over, too. The work par mitt acquisition of me who is the director is easy if it starts a company except time. The risk can be also few and it start work lawfully in Thailand in case of the start-up in the little capital.

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