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To Pathaya

Whether about two hours in a general bus from Bangkok to PathayaFor three hours. As the approach, it buses general, the nonstop bus of the traveler aim, the package tour in the travel agent, and it cabs. Because a general bus is 200 baht level, it does by obtaining as a charge. I am sure not to feel the inconvenience because it has gone out of Ecamai of Scmbit. The reservation is also unnecessary. The preorder is necessary, and additionally, the charge is high and. Moreover, the hotel in Pathaya is cheaper than Bangkok. It can be soaked in grand feelings if it puts it out by 1,000 bahts. (If a cheaper point is put out by 500 bahts very much, the comfort can be secured. )There is many open air in the beach, and the book is read, and it sleeps while drinking the beer. It speaks with Beach Boy, and the beautiful woman walks ahead of that at times. It is one rage in the downtown at night.
Moreover, it is possible to enjoy it if going to the vicinity of Chumphon with the hobby of diving.
(Pathaya and so ..the distance from Bangkok... ) ..the aimed direction ..kooky.. different.


Golf of Thailand is popular. A popular reason is cheapness, and equipment, etc.There are a lot of golf courses also near Bangkok.


The Thai, especially the woman seems to have a lot of one where it likes dance. If it asks the Thai, the disco of the fashion will be taught very much.

There are a lot of fashionable bars of the foreigner aim in Bangkok. There are a lot of Scmbit and a Siam hit of the place.

Go-go bar
It is Patpong, Nana, and might be Soi Cowboy in a famous place. A lovely daughter is dancing in the stage, and the guest judges with the table. It is a system that makes it sit on the next if there is a daughter who likes it and talks. It is possible to date it as long as the taking out charge is paid to the shop if the sitting daughter likes it to the next ..outside the daughter and the shop... It does depending on two people now. Only need not being necessary to be cheap the beer, too to call the woman, and to look at the woman who is dancing in the stage while drinking sake are not complained either.

Massage parlor
It is a lot in Thailand. It goes to Rachadar and, maybe, when it is a building of a gay lighting, the possibility of the massage parlor is high there. The charges might be also cheaper than Europe and America.

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