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Preparation for establishment in Thailand
The most important thing is whether can you stay in Thailand for a long term or not . It is necessary to long term stay in Thailand if it establishes it in Thailand. Word, climate, environment, idea, money sense, manners, and meal… The common sense of Europe and America doesn't pass. You should first stay in Thailand for several weeks, and confirm whether you can live in Thailand.

The following are things to know a Thai country and the Thai. To succeed in the business, word "Do in Rome as Romans do" should know the thing of Thailand well as being.

If two of the above-mentioneds were able to be cleared, marketing research now. This was not to have limited it to Thailand. Fortunately, Thailand has a lot of parts that are later for Europe and America. (It is not a meaning to which Thailand is criticized. It only says in the business. )In a word, there are a lot of business opportunities in Thailand for the Europe and America people.


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