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Needing if it lives in the apartment is Mr. housemaid though it is unnecessary if it lives in the service apartment. It is not unusual to employ Mr. housemaid in Thailand. The point chosen not to do the housemaid is whether it can still trust it. Because it is possible to go in and out to the apartment freely when I have gone out. As the employment system, it is each person. It commutes every day, and all of housework might be left, and it is likely to ask only for cleaning and washing of several-time rooms on the week. It is necessary to become careful becoming Mr. housemaid who can trust it though it is variously in case of how to find it. Introduction of acquaintance of introduction of Honor in apartment who knows well.

<reference>Market price of salary

>It comes several times on the week and the cleaning washing is done: 2,500 bahts.
>There are about eight day hours and housework is done: 4,500 bahts.

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