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It is necessary to note it though it doesn't require thought because the phone wire is pulled if it is a center part in Bangkok because it is likely not to be pulled when it is suburbs. When looking for the place, should I adjust the office to one of the conditions?Though it is another if the telephone need not be used by the business. There is a problem of confidence in the company as an information means because carrying develops, too though the landline might be unnecessary.

Call charge(landline)

Not time but three bahts once (However, the public telephone is another).

Cellular phone

The cellular phone of Thailand is GSM method. There are a lot of small one of the cellular phone sold in Thailand. The cellular phone is sold in the cellular phone shop including Marbncrorn (Siam) and the fortune town (Rachadar). The price is 5,000 baht level. The passport is necessary for the joining.

Call charge(cellular phone)
The call charge of the cellular phone is different according to each company.
It is the one example here.
City: Three bahts/minute
Adjacent district: Eight bahts/minute
Excluding the above-mentioned: 12 bahts/minute.

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